Boiler Efficiency: Benchmarking Calculator


This resource helps boiler users understand current operating costs and the impact changes can have on increasing production, reducing fuel and overall costs of operation. Utilize our exclusive screening tool to reduce boiler operating costs and boost equipment longevity.

The calculator, created by the ABMA, has default data to show an example, but many fields can be manipulated with real data from any boiler room uploaded directly from the user. Gathering a little information can go a long way to understanding if you are getting the most out of your boiler room.

Our calculator can measure average load, excess air, radiation & convection losses, boiler efficiency, annual operating costs and more.

For example, you can calculate the impact of reducing excess air and seeing how it affects fuel costs and carbon dioxide emitted. A similar calculation can be done for reducing stack temperature, increasing excess oxygen, wind speed and room temperature. The tool also includes a calculation that shows the decrease in fuel costs and reduction in carbon dioxide for changing from oil to propane and oil to natural gas.

All scenarios can be downloaded as PDF documents.


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