Powerhouse Combustion & Mechanical Corporation Partners with Victory Energy Operations

Victory Energy Frontier Series Firetube Boiler

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Powerhouse Combustion & Mechanical Corporation + Victory Energy Operations

Powerhouse Combustion & Mechanical Corporation (Powerhouse), has partnered with Victory Energy Operations (Victory Energy), a top-of-the-line boiler manufacturer, to provide best in class boiler products and services to clients throughout California.

The field expertise and service reputation of the Powerhouse team, combined with the engineering and manufacturing expertise of the Victory Energy team, provides a boiler product, equipment installation, and on-going service experience that is unparalleled in the industry.

About Victory Energy Operations

Victory Energy was started by John Viskup, President and CEO with a single minded mission to provide customers with the best Boilers, Burners, HRSG’s, Heat Transfer Solutions and Services. Every action across every day that the company makes has been based on paying off on this core promise. The company has disrupted the market in real and substantive ways that are delivering significant value for the customer. The are all in with everything they do, providing the best boilers engineered and manufactured by the best people.

Increasingly, customers are seeking out Victory Energy as the company of choice for all their steam requirements. Victory Energy is represented by the best independent sales representatives across North America and increasingly across the globe as the footprint for the company expands worldwide.

Victory is committed to continually investing in their facilities. They recently underwent an extensive plant expansion in our Collinsville operation and added a game changing steam test facility to start-up all products prior to shipment. Another example for how Victory Energy is increasingly leveling up and creating distance from competition.

Paying off on their concept to completion point of difference is a key driver of future growth. Their product portfolio reflects a complete offering with the addition of VISION burners and a full line of FRONTIER firetube boilers.

About Powerhouse Combustion & Mechanical Corporation

Powerhouse is the premier full-service provider of Mechanical and Combustion Services in Southern California. We specialize in Boiler/Burner Service and Sales. Powerhouse holds a B General license along with a C-4 Steam/Hot Water Classification. Our mission is to focus on our client’s best interests at all times. In doing so, we provide exceptional service and value.

Our team is always available. Powerhouse provides 24/7 Boiler Service 365 days a year. Our staff is trained to service/ repair virtually every type of equipment in the boiler room. We are excited to partner with Victory Energy, to represent the highest quality (and still cost competitive) boiler equipment in the industry.

Industries we service include (not limited to): Aerospace, Chemical, Commercial Office, Education, Food Service, Hospitality, Healthcare, Institutional, Laundry, Manufacturing, Mining, Natural Gas, Oil, Packaging, Paper, Textile and Water.

Powerhouse Combustion & Mechanical Corporation is based in Southern California. Our current service area includes all of Southern California and portions of Central California.

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