Steam Boiler Inspection Checklist – Safety & Maintenance

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Daily Visual Checklist for Steam Boiler Safety and Maintenance


for Steam Boilers and Related Equipment

The most effective way to ensure the continuous, efficient operation of your equipment is to put eyes on it regularly. Therefore, we have created this guide to facilitate daily and weekly visual inspections. Regular visual inspections combined with adherence to a regular preventative maintenance plan will help to keep your equipment in optimal condition.

These daily and weekly checks do not replace regular preventative maintenance appointments. Rather, utilize these checks as a supplement to your regularly scheduled preventative maintenance. By using this checklist, you have the opportunity to catch potential issues as early as possible. Identifying potential issues early and resolving them promptly will save you time, money and headaches down the road.

It is important to realize that the frequency of inspection will depend on variable conditions such as load, fuel, system requirements, boiler environment (indoor/outdoor), etc. This is a general list that you can customize based on your specific equipment and environment.

Daily Steam Boiler Inspection/Maintenance Tasks

  1. Check water level                                                             
  2. Check combustion visually                                      
  3. Blow down boiler                                                     
  4. Blow down water column                                     
  5. Record feedwater pressure/temperature                    
  6. Drain gauge glass                                                    
  7. Record flue gas temperature                                           
  8. Record oil pressure and temperature                    
  9. Record gas pressure                                                     
  10. Treat water according to est. program                   
  11. Record atomizing air pressure                       
  12. Observe response to flame failure.                 
  13. Observe operating control /high limit control           
  14. Bottom Blowdown- remove sludge sediment       
  15. Observe Refractory cone- any broken chunks          

Weekly Steam Boiler Inspection/Maintenance Tasks

  1. Inspect burner                                            
  2. Inspect for flue gas leak                            
  3. Inspect for hot spots                                
  4. Check cams                                                     
  5. Check for tight closing of fuel valve                     
  6. Check fuel and air linkage                               
  7. Check indicating lights and alarms                   
  8. Check operating and limit controls                
  9. Check safety and interlock controls                  
  10. Check for leaks, noise, vibration                         
  11. Check for any unusual conditions, etc.              
  12. Check low water cutoff operation                           
  13. Remove rust/dirt from boiler mud leg or drum
  14. Verify burner cuts off @ low water                         
  15. Check all phases of the control circuit                
  16. Check burner manual shutoff valves                    

Want to implement this at your facility?

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