Dispatch Snapshot May 2021

In case you missed it, here is a recap of all our dispatch snapshot summaries from May 2021. Each week we select approximately 10 work orders to highlight on our website. The dispatch snapshot is updated weekly. The weekly dispatch summary is on our homepage. It can be found directly below the main image.

This post lists the dispatch highlights from each week in May 2021. The dispatch summary gives you an idea of the variety of industries we service and the types of work we perform. Our service technicians are well versed in most brands and boiler applications across a wide variety of industries. Industries we service include (not limited to): Aerospace, Chemical, Commercial Office, Education, Food Service, Hospitality, Healthcare, Institutional, Laundry, Manufacturing, Mining, Natural Gas, Oil, Packaging, Paper, and Water.

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dispatch summary may 2021

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1. Dispatch Snapshot Week of May 3, 2021

Food / Beverage – South Boiler Annual Inspection

Healthcare – Boiler 1 Refractory Replacement

Hospitality – Annual Inspection on 2 Rite Boilers

Oil and Natural Gas – Cleaver Brooks Boiler Troubleshooting

Healthcare – Boiler #5 Level Controls Update

Brewery – Annual Inspection

Oil and Natural Gas – Herculine Actuator Replacement

Food / Beverage – Trap Testing- infrared trap testing on 9 steam traps

Aerospace – Johnston Boilers Air Switches

Food / Beverage – Boiler #2 Sight Glass Leak- Gauge glass installation

Oil and Natural Gas – English Boiler Annual Inspection

2. Dispatch Snapshot Week of May 10, 2021

Healthcare – Emergency Pipe Leak. Investigate Pneumatic Controller. Gather info for replacement

Aerospace – Boiler #13 Autoflame Scanner. Furnish and Install new Autoflame Scanner

Healthcare – Boiler Emissions Testing. Analyze emissions on operating units for APCD compliance

Distillery – Superior Boiler and Feed Water tank Install

Paper / Pulp – Cleaver Brooks Boiler is in alarm. Troubleshoot and correct

Oil and Natural Gas – I-501 Gas Valve Hunting causing process variable to swing. Troubleshoot

Oil and Natural Gas – Perform Rule 2012 Testing on Joy Heater. Perform AQMD Periodic Monitoring on Joy Heater

Aerospace – repair leaks

Agriculture / Farming – Install new 800 HP Victory Boiler

Healthcare – Boiler #16 going off on a Low O2/Flue Gas error multiple times. Troubleshoot

Food / Beverage: Corrective action on 3 ovens

3. Dispatch Snapshot Week of May 17, 2021

Food/ Beverage – Perform AQMD Semi Annual Tune Ups on (3) Bottle Warmers

Healthcare -Replace HW Storage Tank #T10

Healthcare – Clean DA Tank Probes

Hospitality – Boiler #2 Burner Work

Education – Source Test Aquatics Boiler

Oil/Natural Gas – Incinerator Set Point Error

Healthcare – Boiler 1 Refractory Replacement

Food Processing – Startup support after code repair

Clothing/Textile – Boiler is down. Troubleshoot

Food Processing – Annual Inspection

Distillery – Superior Boiler and Feed Water tank Install

4. Dispatch Snapshot Week of May 24, 2021

Oil/ Natural Gas- Perform AQMD Periodic Monitoring on Petro Chem Heater

Mining- Furnish and install a secondary pilot solenoid valve on Line 2 Furnace. Fire and Test Burner

Food/ Beverage – Monthly Equipment Checks

Hospitality – Annual inspection on 4 of 12 boilers

Healthcare – Furnish and install new St. Johnson Noxmatic 350 Burner Element on Kewanee Boiler #2

Hospitality – Boiler #1 Burner Inspection and Tune Up

Aerospace – AQMD Monitoring on 4 Burners

Food / beverage – Fryer Tune-Up

Agriculture / Farming – Continue Mechanical installation of 800HP Boiler

Healthcare – Perform AQMD Semi Annual Tune Up on Boiler #3 & #4

Hospitality – Replace PK Boiler Pumps

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