Dispatch Snapshot- April 2021 Summary

In case you missed it, here is a recap of all our dispatch summaries from April 2021. Each week we select approximately 10 work orders to highlight on our website. The dispatch snapshot is updated weekly. The weekly dispatch summary is on our homepage. It can be found directly below the main image.

This post lists the dispatch highlights from each week in April 2021. The dispatch summary gives you an idea of the variety of industries we service and the types of work we perform. Our service technicians are well versed in most brands and boiler applications across a wide variety of industries. Industries we service include (not limited to): Aerospace, Chemical, Commercial Office, Education, Food Service, Hospitality, Healthcare, Institutional, Laundry, Manufacturing, Mining, Natural Gas, Oil, Packaging, Paper, and Water.

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1. Dispatch Snapshot Week of March 29, 2021

Water – Boiler #4 Tube Repair

Aerospace – Perform Semi-Annua­l PM service as per scope on CB Clearfire Boiler #3

Hospitality – Perform AQMD Periodic Monitoring on 2 Rite Boilers

Healthcare – Troubleshoot Clean Wye Strainer – follow up on status of steam hammering issue. Test and examine for noise

Healthcare – Performed AQMD monitoring on 3 Johnston boilers

Water – Perform Annual Maintenance on Hurst Boiler

Food / Beverage – General Boiler Re-Tube

Healthcare – Boiler 16 Blower Motor Repair

Mining – Line 1 Furnace Repair

Healthcare – Perform AQMD Periodic Monitoring on (5) Boilers at the New CUP

Aerospace – Perform Semi-Annua­l PM service as per scope on PK Boiler #2

2. Dispatch Snapshot Week of April 5, 2021

Paper – Equipment Safety Checks

Chemical – Semi- Annual Maintenance and Tune Up 2 Boilers

Healthcare – AQMD Periodic Monitoring 3 Boilers

Textile – Burner Lockout – Troubleshoot and Correct

Aerospace – Install Gas Meters

Healthcare – Boiler #1 Burner Repairs

Industrial Chemical – Burner Inspection

Aerospace – Annual PM Services on Parker Boiler #1

Hospitality – Parker Boiler Down – Troubleshoot and correct

Healthcare – Replace HW Storage Tank #10

Chemical – Boiler Burner Retrofit

3. Dispatch Snapshot Week of April 12, 2021

Aerospace – Perform Tune-up on Superior Boiler (BOILER #13)

Food / Beverage – Perform PM & Functional­ity Testing of safeties and controls on Line 2 Tunnel

Aerospace – Perform Tune-up on Superior Boiler (BOILER #12)

Oil and Natural Gas – Perform AQMD Periodic Monitoring on 4 units

Healthcare- Perform all PMs on 2 Cleaver Brooks boilers and all clean steam heaters

Packaging – Repair Boiler #1

Oil and Natural Gas – Perform AQMD Periodic Monitoring on (2) Heaters and (2) Boilers.

Water – Replace Pilot Assembly

Healthcare – Perform AQMD Periodic Monitoring on 3 Boilers

Healthcare – Burner Retrofit Project

Chemical – Dowtherm burner retrofit.

4. Dispatch Snapshot Week of April 19, 2021

Textile – Replace leaking tube on Boiler #1

Aerospace – Perform annual preventative maintenance on Parker Boiler

Mining – Perform 1st half AQMD Semi Annual Tune- up on Boiler #6 and AQMD Periodic Monitoring

Healthcare – Perform AQMD Semi Annual Tune up on Cleaver Brooks Boiler #3

K-12 Education – Install new gas regulator and clean burner element

Distillery – Perform Monthly maintenance on boiler and feed water tank.

Healthcare – Perform AQMD Semi-Annual Tune Up on Cleaver Brooks Boiler #1

Aerospace – Raypak Boiler low water alarm – troubleshoot and correct

Food – Replace the leaky Armored Sight Glass and Gaskets on Sellers Boiler #2.

Packaging – Boiler #2 is going off on fault code #F32 “Safety Input”. Troublesho­ot and correct.

Healthcare- Burner Retrofit Project – Fabricatio­n of burner adapters and mounting plates

5. Dispatch Snapshot Week of April 26, 2021

Aerospace – Superior Boiler – 12 VFD- Furnish & Install new Motor Starter and Overload Relay for ABB VFD.
Furnish & Install new support bracket for new VFD.

Commercial office -Boiler #1 Feed Water Valve is not providing 100% shut off. Troubleshoot and correct.

Manufacturing – Continue with Stone Johnson Burner Commission­ing and Start up.

Aerospace – Superior Boiler #13 Furnish & Install new MK8. Remove existing MK7 from panel and install new offset adapter if needed. Commission new MK8 and begin tuning process.

Manufacturing – Continue and Complete Finish Oven #3 Reskinning­.

Aerospace – Perform Annual PM service as per scope on Bryan Steam Boiler #3. 

Manufacturing – annual inspection on McKenna boiler. perform Post Annual Inspection Startup & Functional­ity Testing & Tune up. Complete Annual Inspection Report for Boiler.

Healthcare – Hot water Tank Leaking. Troubleshoot and correct.

Chemical – Semi Annual Maintenance and Tune Up 2 boilers

Healthcare – Boiler 4 Actuator Fault. Troubleshoot and Correct.

Healthcare – Boiler #1 Burner Repairs.

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