Dispatch Snapshot – July 2021

In case you missed it, here is a recap of our dispatch snapshot summaries from July 2021. Each week we select approximately 10 +/- work orders to highlight on our website. The dispatch snapshot is updated weekly. The weekly dispatch summary is on our homepage. It can be found directly below the main image.

This post lists the dispatch highlights from each week in July 2021. The dispatch summary gives you an idea of the variety of industries we service and the types of work we perform. Our service technicians are well versed in most brands and boiler applications across a wide variety of industries. Industries we service include (not limited to): Aerospace, Chemical, Commercial Office, Education, Food Service, Hospitality, Healthcare, Institutional, Manufacturing, Mining, Natural Gas, Oil, Packaging, Paper, Textile and Water.

dispatch service trucks

Dispatch Snapshot – Week of July 5, 2021

  • Packaging – Boiler #2-VFD is not responding. Troubleshoot and repair
  • Healthcare – Boiler #1 ADC Fault. Furnish and Install New VFD
  • Food/Beverage – Boiler Installation project
  • Aerospace- Patterson & Kelley Boiler. Furnish and Install new controller package and UV Flame Scanner
  • Healthcare – Two Parker Boilers Down. Troubleshoot and Repair
  • Container Supplier – Cyclotherm Rumbling. Troubleshot and Correct
  • Oil/ Natural Gas – Perform AQMD Semi Annual Tune Ups on 2 Heater Treaters
  • Aerospace – Bryan Steam Boiler is requiring multiple daily resets. Troubleshoot and Repair
  • Healthcare – AQMD Periodic Monitoring. Complete testing on Kewannee with Johnson burner
  • Healthcare – Repair EF #6 Fan
  • Food / Beverage – Hurst Boiler Repairs

Dispatch Snapshot – Week of July 12, 2021

  • Food/Beverage – Boiler Installation project
  • Healthcare – Continue repairing the 1-1/2″ Blowdown Line
  • Healthcare – Continue with Boiler Annual Inspections and Tune Ups on 8 Heaters
  • Oil/Natural Gas – Perform AQMD Periodic Monitoring on (2) V-220 Heater Treater Burner A & B
  • Food/ Beverage – Perform Monthly Equipment Checks on (1) Parker Boiler
  • Distillery – Troubleshoot flame failure issues. Monitor operation of burner for reliability
  • Aerospace – Investigate Stack Patterson & Kelley Boiler
  • Textile – Boiler Tune Ups
  • Correctional Facility – Perform Source Testing on 2 Ajax Boilers
  • Healthcare – Repair the 1-1/2″ Steam leak on the Clean Steam Generator
  • Food / Beverage – Fryer 2 burner source test support

Dispatch Snapshot – Week of July 19, 2021

  • Aerospace – Analyze and adjust combustion on Ajax Boiler
  • Hospitality – Boiler B is locking out. Troubleshoot and advise
  • Food/Beverage – Boiler Installation project
  • Packaging- Emergency Re-Tube of Boiler #1
  • Water- Replace Blower Motor
  • Water – Annual Maintenance on Hurst Boiler
  • Textile – Boiler #1 and #2 Blow Down Controls
  • Healthcare – Burner Retrofit Project
  • Food / Beverage – Perform AQMD Semi Annual Tune Up on (2) Boilers
  • Packaging – Boiler #1 Leaking. Troubleshoot and advise
  • Water – Perform AQMD Periodic Monitoring on Digester & Natural Gas

Dispatch Snapshot – Week of July 26, 2021

  • Hospitality – Annual Inspection on 2 Lochinvar Boilers
  • Hospitality – Parker Boiler #2 Pilot Assembly
  • Aerospace – Annual Inspection on Cleaver Brooks Clearfire Boiler
  • Healthcare – Boiler #3 is panting. Troubleshoot and repair
  • Food/ Beverage – DA Tank PLC Upgrade
  • Healthcare – Boilers #5 and #6 are down. Troubleshoot and repair
  • Healthcare – Annual Preventative Maintenance on all HP and LP boilers
  • Brewery- Burner is locking out-Troubleshoot and advise
  • Chemical – Perform AQMD monitoring on Weishaupt Burner
  • Oil/ Natural Gas – Annual Inspection Functionality Testing and CB Boiler Start Up
  • Food / Beverage – Perform AQMD Periodic Monitoring on (1) Kemco Heater

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